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Published: 08th March 2011
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Have you thought of trying online dating? If so, perhaps the high cost of joining a dating service has given you pause. Dating sites aren't cheap, and the best sites, like eHarmony, can be especially expensive to join. But fortunately, if you can cut down on this cost by using an eHarmony free trial. A free trial is great in the sense that it allows you to see what a dating site is all about before you fork over your hard earned cash to become a paid member.

From time to time, you will find that eHarmony has a promotion known as a Free Communication Weekend, which is basically the same thing as an eHarmony free trial. While a Free Communication Event is in effect, you will be allowed to join the site, take the personality questionnaire, and receive and review matches for free. What's more, you will also be able to freely communicate with the people you have been matched with. Usually, you would need to be a paying subscriber in order to communicate with others.

So how can you get the free trial for eHarmony? The best way is to visit the site frequently and watch out for an announcement of a Free Communication Event. Another way to find out about Free Communication Events is to watch a lot of TV. eHarmony typically runs numerous commercials whenever it has a Free Communication Event going on.

I always think it's a good idea to have a free account already set up with eHarmony, even if there are no ongoing promotions to take part in. This way, you will at the very least be able to take the personality test and set up your profile at no cost. A free account will allow you to get matched up as well, and you will be able to review these matches for free.

Even if you don't become a paying member, by simply having an account, you will already know who you are matched with, and who you might be interested in. By doing this, you will already have an account open and be ready to get started whenever the next Free Communication Event takes place.

Compared to other dating sites, eHarmony can take some time. If you are serious, you will eventually want to get your own subscription instead of just using eHarmony free trial events. Even though it can be costly, with things like online dating, nothing as good as eHarmony comes for free. There are plenty of free dating sites out there, which will likely get you 0 results, and then there are sites like eHarmony, which has been responsible for thousands of marriages. In my opinion, you will have the greatest success with online dating if you join a serious dating site like eHarmony.

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